The Re-usable Mounting System

RE-LINK SI/TO und SI: The Program

In addition to the possibility of connecting AE6093 tubing with press fittings, also re-usable fittings for self-installation by the customer are available.

The re-usable RE-LINK SI/TO fitting program has been developed for the connection with silicon tubing without reinforcement.

Information regarding suitable tubing coils can be found on page 4

However, the re-usable RE-LINK SI program is intended to be used with silicon tubing with a special reinforcement (AES6093, page 12).

The jackets for these programs are composed of stainless steel 1.4301 (standard). These can be found on the opposite page. Other materials, for example 1.4435 BN2 are available upon request.

All suitable tools, jackets and fittings intended to be used with the appropriate mounting apparatus are identified by a symbol.

 = RE-LINK SI/TO         = RE-LINK SI

Assembly and disassembly of both programs is performed on a manual stainless steel assembly/disassembly board.

All assembly and disassembly tools are secured by a locking pin to prevent unintentional removal from the board. The closures of assembly and disassembly tools are also equipped with securing systems.

All spare parts are laser-engraved with the above shown symbols, thus, interchanging is not possible. In addition, these parts and the fittings are identified by homologous digits (description of the spanner flat).

Mounting instructions and a motion picture for both programs can be requested from TECNO PLAST or downloaded (

Assembly and Disassembly Tools

  1. Electrical thermos cutter
  2. Tubing cutting gripper
  3. Large manual assembly and disassembly apparatus RE-LINK IS and SI/TO
  4. Universal conus made from PVDF for assembly
  5. Extension for assemblies of dimensions > DN 20
  6. Silicon tubing RE-LINK SI
  7. Disassembly tool for RE-LINK SI and SI/TO
  8. Assembly tool for RE-LINK SI and SI/TO (dimensions < DN 20) and RE-LINK SI/TO
  9. Assembly tool for RE-LINK SI (dimensions > DN 20)
Inner diameter x wall thickness Jacket Product Number
6,0 x 2,0 HWV SI/TO 6,0 x 2,0 V1
8,0 x 3,0 HWV SI/TO 8,0 x 3,0 V1
9,6 x 3,2 HWV SI/TO 9,6 x 3,2 V1
10,0 x 4,0 HWV SI/TO 10,0 x 4,0 V1
12,0 x 4,0 HWV SI/TO 12,0 x 4,0 V1
16,0 x 3,0 HWV SI/TO 16,0 x 3,0 V1
18,0 x 3,2 HWV SI/TO 18,0 x 3,2 V1
25,0 x 4,8 HWV SI/TO 25,0 x 4,8 V1
Tubing Nominal Size DIN/ISO Jacket Product Number
6,0  HWV SI 06 V1
8,0  HWV SI 08 V1
10/8,0 HWV SI 10 V1
12/10 HWV SI 12 V1
16,0 HWV SI 16 V1
20/15 HWV SI 20 V1
25/20 HWV SI 25 V1
32/25 HWV SI 32 V1