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Silicon Tubing with Reinforcement (Fabric) and Exterior Cover

TP RED is a peroxide-cured silicon tubing with an inner reinforcement layer and a translucent or colored exterior cover for high-temperature usages. This reinforcement provides a high pressure resistance.

Silicon Tubing A6092

Silicon Tubing without Reinforcement (Fabric)

A6092 is a highly pure platinum-cured talc-free Silicon tubing that corresponds to the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

This tubing quality has been intensively tested (evidence for suitability for meeting the highest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry). Only high-grade compounds are used for the production of this high-pure silicon quality.


For Silicon Tubing A6093/AE6093/AES6093

All related information regarding the testing in accordance with the requirements of the European and United States Pharmacopoeia as well as DIN EN ISO standards we have been presented in this Regulatory Support File (RSF). Representative finished A6093 silicon tubing has been subjected to the testing program and thoroughly documented.

In addition, an intensive extractables study was performed comprising several consecutive steps. Special emphasis should be taken to the extraordinary execution of a toxicological risk assessment for all analyzed extractables substances.

You can order the Regulatory Support File (RSF) as printed book version in German and as English document. Further information can be found here.

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