RE-LINK SI/TO, A6093 Silicon Tubing

Re-usable Fitting System for Silicon Tubing without Reinforcement (Fabric) Type A6093

TECNO PLAST has developed a new fitting system to significantly enhance the mounting of silicon tubing. It allows a simple, fast and secure usage for assembly and disassembly. An appropriate mounting aid will effectively assist you in assembly and disassembly operations. RE-LINK IS/TO is pending patent application.

This system has been especially developed for the utilization in pharmaceutical and biotechnological operations. The connection is pressure-resistant up to 2 bars, whereas, in accordance with DIN 26055 Part 2, Type 1, a lower operating pressure for silicon tubing bulk stock without reinforcement applies. (E DIN EN 16821:2015:03).

Fitted tubing can be autoclaved and may be cleaned easily.

Special emphasis has been taken on the construction to consider the “deap spot” concern to the entire system – in particular regarding the hose nozzle area (transition from filling to tubing interior).

In addition to Tri-Clamp connections according to DIN 32676, also all other common sterile connections can be provided upon request, for example, Aseptic Screwed Union or screwed pipe connections according to DIN 11864.

The standard fitting material is 1.4435; however, also other materials such as PVDF, titan or Hastelloy alloying are possible.

The product-contacting surface is RY < 0.8 μm, other electropolished finishes can be provided upon request.

Fittings are identified (batch tracing) and, in accordance with EN 10204 – 3.1, may be confirmed by material quality certificates that also reflects the surface roughness.

In order to eliminate false use of product tubing, different colored marks can be used, e.g., on tubing exterior, on jackets or fittings.

The following dimensions are available for this system
Inner diameter x wall thickness
mm mm
3,0 x 1,0 9,6 x 3,2
4,0 x 2,0 10,0 x 2,5
4,8 x 1,6 10,0 x 4,0
6,0 x 2,0 12,0 x 3,2
6,0 x 3,0 12,7 x 3,2
8,0 x 1,6 16,0 x 3,0
8,0 x 3,0 19,0 x 3,2
8,0 x 4,0 25,0 x 4,8

This system may be adapted to different dimensions; however, certain ordered quantities have to be considered.

The RE-LINK SI/TP program has been exclusively developed for assembly / disassembly of silicon tubing of the types A6092 and A6093 and may not be used in combination with other tubing.

The fitting system has been adapted to the special properties of these tubing.

Function and safety features cannot be ensured if a combination with other tubing would apply; liability will be precluded.