RE-LINK SI, AES6093 Silicon Tubing

Re-usable Fitting System for Silicon Tubing with Reinforcement (Fabric) AES6093 

The mounting system RE-LINK SI allows the self-dependent assembly and disassembly of silicon tubing bulk stock AES6093. RE-LINK is pending patent application.

The core tubing and cover layer consist of 60 +/- 5 Shore A platinum-cured silicon. Standards and regulations regarding this quality correspond to A6093 (for details please refer to page 5). The silicon tubing bulk stock is equipped with a further developed reinforcement (PES-Mono-Fabric) to provide for the intended specific use.

All types correspond to DIN EN 16821:2017-10

RE-LINK SI offers numerous advantages for you:

  1. Self-mounting of silicon tubing within a short operation time.
  2. Individual mounting of the desired fitting.
  3. Re-use of jacket and fitting, thus, contributing to cost savings.
  4. All fittings provided by TECNO PLAST can easily be assembled and disassembled.

Connectors themselves can be provided in qualities of all known stainless steel alloys.

Attention: The connection coupling may not be subjected to tension forces when installed in a vertical position. We recommend to contacting TECNO PLAST in advance if exposure of gaseous materials is desired.

The follwing dimensions are available for this system


Recommended operation pressure at 20 °C

Minimum berst pressure at 20 °C*

VacuumBending radius

Ordering number**


Remark: At temperatures starting at +20 °C and increasing the temperature by each 35°C, the burst pressure must be reduced by 10 %. The maximum operating temperature represents +160 °C on a short-term.

* The safety factor applies to 1:4. The system is not suitable for vibrant pressures.

** Ordering number for standard material with translucent cover

The fitting system has been exclusively developed for the above-noted TECNO PLAST tubing with reinforcement and may not be combined with other tubing.

The fitting system has been adapted to the special properties of these tubing. Function and safety features cannot be ensured if a combination with other tubing would apply; liability will be precluded! Previously used tubing bulk stock may not be re-used. The mentioned usage limitations are to be recognized as recommendations only. It is not possible to consider all potential factors along with numerous different usages in one list.