Silicon Tubing without Reinforcement (Fabric)

A6092 is a highly pure platinum-cured talc-free silicon tubing that corresponds to the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This tubing quality has been intensively tested (evidence for suitability for meeting the highest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry). Only high-grade compounds are used for the production of this high-pure silicon quality.

For this reason, all A6092 tubing are:

  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Free from plasicizers
  • Physiologically and toxicologically harmless
  • Extremely resistant to weather, aging and light.

A6092 tubing can be autoclaved and sterilized, also by gamma irradiation. Information as it pertains to chemical resistance is provided under https://tecnoplast.de. Also provided are information regarding steam sterilization and silicon as well as utilization and storage information.

Major areas of operations particularly apply to the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, biotechnology, and cosmetic industry

In general, A6092 silicon tubing is provided by default with an excellent abrasion-resistant white ink imprinting according to DIN EN 16821:2017-10, Type 1 without reinforcement. Customerrequested imprinting can be offered. Packaging is performed in non-perforated PE bags (pharma quality EP 3.1.3).

Temperature Resistance

The transparent tubing without reinforcement of TECNO PLAST quality A6092 can be used in the temperature range of -60 to +180 °C (depending on the medium).


Multiple options regarding internal diameter and wall thickness are provided. A selection of the currently most common dimensions can be reviewed in the table below.

Operating pressure and bending radius correspond to DIN EN 16821:2017-10, Type 1 without reinforcement.


A6092 quality material of 60 +/- 5 Shore A is obtained from a special raw material. Other Shore hardness materials can be provided upon request. All silicon tubing of A6092 quality are compliant with the following (coloured translucent silicon tubes are excluded):

  • USA, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (a)-(c), (e): Rubber articles intended for repeated use
  • BfR recommendations, XV Silicones
  • USP <87> Reactivity in vitro
  • USP <88> Reactivity in vivo
  • USP <151> Pyrogen test

Explanations for a customer-specific TP-Product-Number

Example: ID 6 x 2 mm wall thickness

Silicon tubing, 60 +/- 5 Shore A
Quality A6092

6 +/- 0,3 x 2,0 +/- 0,2 mm
Transparent, talcum-free, platinum-cured
Corresponds to BfR/FDA/USP Class VI
Bulk stock coils of 25 m, packed in PE bags

Our Product Number: 001600200902

Configuration see below 0 01 600200 9 0 2

0= without reinforcement
01= transparent coated
600200= dimension 6.0 x 2.0 mm
9= platinum-cured
0= without imprinting 7 = with imprinting
2= A6092: 60 +/- 5 Shore A

The afore-mentioned information corresponds to the standard ordering number. Modification of this standard obligatory requires a new ordering number.

Selection of the currently most common dimensions

Silicon Quality A6092 without Reinforcement
Dimensions in mm / inner diameter x wall thickness
mm mm mm mm mm
3,0 x 4,25 3,2 x 1,6 4,0 x 2,0 4,0 x 2,5 4,8 x 2,4
5,0 x 2,5 5,0 x 3,0 6,0 x 1,5 6,0 x 2,0 6,0 x 3,0
8,0 x 2,0 8,0 x 2,1 8,0 x 3,0 8,0 x 4,0 8,5 x 3,25
9,5 x 3,2 10,0 x 4,0 12,7 x 3,2 12,7 x 4,0 15,9 x 3,2
16,0 x 3,0 16,0 x 5,0 19,0 x 3,2 25,0 x 4,8 25,4 x 6,4