Description / Design

PTFE is of outstanding importance among fluoropolymers on account of its exceptional chemical, thermal and dielectric properties.

These properties allow for versatile solutions to problems in the chemical and the medical sector as well as in the food industry. On account of the stable compound of fluorine and carbon atoms, and the virtually complete shielding of the carbon chain by the fluorine atoms, PTFE has an almost universal chemical resistance.

Chemical reactions between PTFE and other materials are limited to a few exceptions: Alkali metals in the molten or dissolved state react with the polymer, with a brown colouring effect. Furthermore, elementary fluorine and chlorine trifluoride influence PTFE at higher temperatures and pressures. 

The properties mentioned below contribute decisively to the upward trend of the application of PTFE hoses in almost all areas of industry, through to medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology and also in the food industry.